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Friday, January 12, 2007

MAC OS X Drivers to install BCD 2000.

Very good notice to Mac users.Christoph have been released install driver to Mac.So now you should be able to use the BCD2000 on your PowerBook, iBook, iMac and PowerMac, as well as your MacBook, MacBook Pro, or Mac Pro.
You can visit his blog here. Currently only MIDI in and output works. Audio does not. That means you can control Traktor the way you would on a Windows computer, but you won't hear anything through the BCD2000's audio ports or record anything trough them. You can still, of course, use other audio outputs, built-in or external, that do work with MacOS X. Right now the MIDI input and output are should be identical to the Windows driver in B-DJ mode. Which means a reasonable amount of pain is implied when trying to configure Traktor for the BCD2000. Basically, the same hack that works for Windows (using MIDI-Rules and a loopback device, in our case Apple's built-in IAC) is also required for Mac. Cristoph hope to incorporate similar functionality inside the driver in the future, eliminating the need for the hack.


Blogger Jayendra said...

When Will this work do you think?? If I knew how to program I would do it.

8:20 PM  
Blogger D Grass said...

any recent updates on this driver? would really love to have the audio outputs working on the BCD2000 with VDJ....or are there any other ways around this problem?

6:40 AM  
Anonymous brongkos said...

its realy works!! very apreciate this..matur nuwuun


1:13 PM  

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