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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Windows XP and Vista drivers for BCD3000

BEHRINGER customers can now download a beta-release driver for the B-CONTROL DEEJAY BCD3000. The new driver supports the Windows Vista operating systems. Downloads are available here. For users of Windows XP, the current driver is available for download as well. Customers are encouraged to provide feedback on installation and performance of the new Vista driver.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Image-Line release Deckadance v1.30.9

The last version of Deckadance came with many of new fixes, changes and useful improvements.

These are the most important:
- Manual Loop in, Loop out/exit and reloop/stutter via keyboard shortcuts.
- Improved the cue/play behavior. If you are in cue play mode, when you switch the play the song doesn't stop.
- Native support for Hercules dj console RMX (win & osx)
- Added jog control to the EXT CTRL panel for House and LE editions
- Fixed some bugs in the Vestax and White skins
- Fixed some problems with the sampler when Beat Sync is deactivated
- Native support for M-Audio Xponent
- Added new skins: Blue, New White, Synq, Vestax and Dj-Tech
- New loop move feature. In loop mode the jump buttons now moves the full loop forward or backward

For more information and download you can go in their forum.

Why purchase VirtualDJ is an excellent idea.

VirtualDJ is one of the best software for dj in the world and one of the best choice especially by younger dj , who see in this software a perfect way to express imagination and creativity. Unlike products such as Traktor, which are more dedicated to linear fashioned dj , who not searching for extreme use of effects. Virtual Dj in this case find a competitor only in Deckadance. But the very plus of VDJ came from Moramax plugin, called Mapper, which is now at the release 3.3. This plugin makes it an ideal tool for all holders of BCD3000. The same mapper is also available for BCD2000 of course, but we now prefer the last one. Thanks to this plugin the BCD is now supported at 99% (unfortunately still remains outside the compatibility with the microphone).

VDJ is stable and mature, but especially adds a flood of useful functions thanks to a splitting of the keys of BCD. Thanks to a dual function PLAY MODE / BROWSE MODE, the functions become so many, that there are no limits to creativity and imagination of modern dj. This without using the mouse. How specific the same Moramax in a post in their forum, "you can browsing files and folders directly from the console' by the use of jogs wheel.
Another useful function is to use BCD3000 kill leds to signal loops lenghts. More ... you can adjust the sensitivity of the jog, the pitch bend values and many other functions ...... "
Unfortunately we cannot tryed the Moramax plugin, becouse this extension is available only for registered users, and in full pro version. It not works on demo version.
In conclusion if your intention is to transform the BCD3000 in a perfect equipment to your DJ job, now VDJ is the right (but not unique) choice.

Last Future Decks Pro releases

We tested in a very "heavy mode" the latest versions of Future Decks Pro, both, the official version called 1.1.0 and that last beta version. We can say that the beta version differs a lot from previous versions, becouse in this beta version developers have been rewritten entirely portions of code. With version 1.1.0, now certainly stable, Xylio added some important new options. First of all it can save the settings of their VST plugin, now have support for external mixer, support for lists m3u, support (experimental) for Vista 64-Bit, and some improvements at the automixing system.
For the beta version instead, first of all be reported to the exceptional stability. Obviously the code rewritten go in that direction. This version having some bugs, but which are recognized as a beta.

To download beta version you can go:

Traktor 3 and BCD3000 were married!

With the latest version of Traktor, 3.3.1, available for download on the official website, we can announce marriage between Traktor and BCD. Unlike the previous release, which was not optimized for the BCD3000, now Native developers have made a great work. In this version, they have improved graphical interface, adding a very useful Tap Tempo button , added the possibility to change the information displayed on the decks, improve the use of the jog (with a little modification into the TKS file), improve the section of the effects, added the support for the CD-text, and many more. A very positive note is the improvement of Section MIDI OUT, that now work perfectly with the BCD, which translates well midi message about all the LED of the console. We tried the demo version for 30 minutes, and we have not found any kind of problem. But there are news of people who have used it for over 3 hours with satisfaction. Even the live recording produce a file wave of considerable quality, and this confirm the veru good sound quality of Traktor.
As I said before it was necessary to modify the TKS file to work well with the jog mode pitch bend. In the file I also added the possibility to change the loops length on the deck in focus, by using the buttons Ext In A and B. But the possibilities to change this file are endless, with the convenience Midi Learn panel configuration.


Software Test
  • Deckadance
  • Ultramixer 2
  • Future Decks Pro
  • B-DJ
  • Virtual DJ 4.1
  • Traktor 3
  • Visual Disco Mix
  • Dj Decks 0.76
  • Mix Vibes 6
  • DJ System MKII
  • Ableton Live 5

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